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Willkommen bei CitoSoft

We install CRS Systems!

We install PC and Networkbased System for Airline Host Access.

You cannot access your Airline Host or you still have a Terminal next to your PC on your desk? We connect you through your PC. Message- and Ticketprinter are also connected to your PC!
Even Remote Locations can work through the Internet using the SITA line in your office!

We support almost every system (ALC, UTS, Gabriel). Contact us!

New: We now also offer the Documax A3300 ATB printer!
New: You have more than one Office. We will connect your offices as well as Teleworkers to your host with a lowcost Internet connection!!

Now you can even make free telephone calls via VoIP between different locations!

Visit our Webshop for Computerparts! We offer MSI Mainboards, Memory, CPU's, Monitors, Cables and Networking Equipment!

Please check our offers on used and refurbished Ticketprinters!

Contact: c.bintz@citosoft.com per EMail
Netzwerkzubehör z.B. Router, Switches, DSL Modem, Kabel für Cisco, 19" Server, Lan Workstations
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